Wisdom in the Library

“So what is the difference between home schooling 
and home educating? 
You are home schooling if your children’s learning is centered around what your state, neighbor, or cousin 
says that they should be learning. 
Home educating, on the other hand, is taking the initiative to prepare a home that is rich in learning opportunities.”  
~Deb Deffinbaugh

Writer's Block

Writer's Block is the place where I "publish" my written works.   Some of it's actually quite good; some of it is just plain bad!

Librarianne's Reference Desk
During my studies for my library technician certification I compiled some valuable web page addresses.   I share them  at my Reference Desk.  If you come across any broken links please let me know. There are few things more frustrating than invalid links when doing research and studying.

Acorns to Oaks Boys' Academy
A2O is our (neglected) blog for our home schooling activities.  Making a transition from elementary to junior high has been... um... interesting.  Ergo, the neglected blog.  The education hasn't been neglected...just the blog. ;)  By bringing this blog a little closer to "the parlor" I am hoping to make timely updates.